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What is the age limits for the dive diving suit?

In most of the regions, the minimum age is of 10ans but in some the law requires that the divers are older. He not it in step of maximum limit age. To dive, you must be healthy, in particular at the level of the respiratory and cardiovascular systems. Mentally, it is necessary to show maturity, judgment and self-discipline to follow the directives of safety in dive.
The young participants have to have the medical consent and the support of a parent to determine any health problems which it is advisable to approach with a doctor.

The people who have a bad eyesight, can they dive ?

Yes, there are several options. You can carry contact lenses Or equip the mask of a corrective lens.

Is the dive a dangerous activity?

Yes, the dive entails certain inherent risks. We can reduce the risk of problems to dive by following fundamental safety regulations and by learning some simple maneuver . Your instructor of dive takes precautions, has a big experienceand shows judgment to assure as far as possible your safety. People dive every day in complete safety. When we are in the water and when we breathe of the compressed gas under the water, it is however possible that problems arise and there is always a potential risk.

Is the diving equipment complicated?

No. Your dive instructor will show you how works the equipment and will learn you to use it correctly. You will learn in a course of certification to assemble, to run and to maintain alone your equipment.

And the dangerous animals, as the sharks?

Although the idea to dive where there are sharks can frighten, the divers do not interest generally the sharks. The relatively strange appearance of the divers besides the noise of bubbles, make the sharks hold aside. And it is very rare whom sharks are nearby. In reality, many divers several years need before they see a shark under the water.

How long is it necessary to become certified a diver?

The certification being based on the results and certain divers being more a quick learner than others, the duration of the course can vary. We attend generally the class PADI Open Water Diver several in a row days or divided into sessions distributed over several weeks.