PADI instructor training


PADI is the most important organization of dive in the world. It delivers more than 700.000 diving certificates a year.

Numerous countries, in particular in the Caribbean, in Asia (the Maldive Islands, Oman, Malaysia) or in the Pacific adopted the standards PADI for the exercise of the dive.

This organization is present in 184 countries. To become Instructor PADI, it is to have an additional trump card to be able to work in the dive, that it is about a professional career or about a part-time activity.

How to become Instructor?  by following a training IDC,

IDC : Instructor Development Course.

The access is reserved for the candidates who are Dive Master or Instructor CMAS *,

For the candidates who are Instructor CMAS **, these can reach directly the last training module that is the OWSI course.

How does it take place?

The training includes:
– 21 modules of theorical courses, on the following themes:

The presentation of the internship,.
Learning, Education and the PADI system.
Make theoretical presentations.
Teach the specialities Project AWARE and Control of the Buoyancy.
Programs introductory PADI in the scuba diving and in the snorkeling.
Teach in protected environment.
Manage high dives in natural environment.
Overview of the industry of the dive.
General standards and Procedures.
Legal responsibility and Risk management.
Role of the media and the normative education.
PADI Courses of Scuba Diver and Open Water Diver.
How to teach the Table of dive Leisure ( TPL).
Teach the children.
Philosophy of the in-service training PADI.
Commercial principles for the Instructor of dive.
Program Adventures in Diving,
Course of the specialities and the program of Master Scuba Diver.
Course of Rescue Diver.
Course of Divemaster.
Loyalty programs of the divers.
Some of these modules include workshops or require a preliminary preparation with a questionnaire of revision of the knowledge being in the Candidate manual,

– 4 Sessions in Confined Water :

These sessions are intended to practise between candidates, the various techniques of teaching of the dive leisure in protected environment. We shall find in particular for each of them, a briefing, a demonstration of the considered exercise, a correction of the errors, a debriefing there.
Furthermore, a workshop of buoyancy and several sessions of training in the demonstration of the 24 Skills of Open Water are planned.

– 2 Sessions in Open Water :

Distributed on two days, they understand the same phases as in Confined Water protected with the exception of the demonstrations.
Furthermore, a workshop of Rescue skill n°7 is planned, to be able to demonstrate the exercise  (on-surface unconscious diver, first contact, mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, fills in pocket mask, déséquipement in the water and the towing).

-3 Prescriptives Sessions (théorical) :

With whom?

Philippe CERDAN, Course Director PADI, N° 938212

When ?

The internship IDC, have a duration of 11 days, and EFRI, a duration of 1 day,

Will be followed by an examination ( IE), of a duration of 2 jrs,

If you are instructor of another organization, the training program will be particularly directed on the analysis and the understanding of the system PADI, and on the adaptation of your educational methods to this system.

The cost ?

The price of the internship IDC 5* includes all of the theoretical and practical training, but does not understand: the teaching equipment, the food, the accommodation, the diving equipment (blocks and weight are supplied), no registration fees and expenses of examination, (price lists and costs below),

The (inevitable) preliminary formalities in the internship:

The training is accessible to every person of more than 18 years holder of a diploma of Divemaster or a equivalent certification CMAS diver ***.
It will also be necessary to you to gather certain administrative documents such as: A certification of first aid (containing cardiac massage and artificial ventilation(CPR) of less than two years. A photocopy of this diploma will be necessary.
A photocopy of your back page of your logbook of diving to give evidence of a minimum of 100 high dives to your credit.
1 passport photos.
A medical certificate of less than 12 months.
The photocopy of all your certifications of dive (beginner to now).
Copy of anPro  insurance, (possibility of signing it during the training),It is necessary to arm itself at least 1 month before the beginning of the internship,of Manual workers of the instructor and the candidate to have an overview of the system PADI and an idea on the contents of the course of the IDC and to answer the revisions of knowledge which must be supplied at the Course Director at the beginning of the internship,


How does it take place?

This examination is placed under the responsibility of a professional examiner of PADI Emea, who comes for 2 days of evaluation following upon THE IDC, The examination decomposes into various elements:

A questionnaire with multiple choices on the standards and procedures ( 50 questions), this examination taking place to book opened with the Instructor manual and all the manuals of the candidate.
5 series of questionnaires with multiple choices (12 questions each) concerning the physics, the physiology, the equipment, the environment and the tables of dive leisure (version glides and e-RDPML).
A prescriptive presentation of a course PADI.
A Confined Water presentation of an exercise of the Open Water Diver course .
A series of five skills,  demonstrations to be made in Confined Water .
An Open Water presentation with two exercices of the Open Water Diver Course, Adventure in Diving course or Rescue cours, A démonstration of the skill n°7 of Rescue Diver course.

How much does it cost?

It consists of registration fees, and fees of examination, it covers the certification and your renewal with PADI for one year.

These expenses will be to settle directly to PADI in credit card.

Once which became Instructor PADI…

You benefit from resources of the most important organization of dive of the world: teaching equipment, insurance, legal support, employment exchange…

An interlocutor of PADI EMEA or International is always ready to answer you in case of problem or question from you.

The more your educational experience increases, the more you have of luck to evolve in your Padi Instructor’s career.

You will discover besides that PADI is not a motionless system, but that he evolves constantly, under the remarks and the advices of his instructors.

 Courses cost ProVip (2024)

*Préparation IDC (2 days) 240€

*AI Course (4+1days) 1ère part of IDC  790€
(Prérequis DM, Inst.CMAS*, ou équiv.)

*OWSI course (5+1days) 2ème part of IDC  990€
(Prérequis AI, Inst.CMAS**, ou équiv.)

* IDC full course (EFRI + AI + OWSI +2days = 11days)  1700€
(Prérequis DM, Inst.CMAS*, ou équiv.)

* EFRI course obligatory for IE (1day) 250€

*Option Dble room, bed 1 place, nearlier Dive Center 25€/night,

*Prices by candidat, books in your language (if it’s available), include tanks and weights,
Without the rent of equipment, the Dive Center don’t rent Dry Suit,

Indicative price with French VAT, which can be subject to modification without advance notice,

Price Pédagogic Matériel Padi Pro (2024)

*Kit Crew Pack IDC  French or another Version with 18 éléments,
› Cue-cards O/Water, confined
› Cue-cards O/Water, open
› Cue-cards Advanced                                     › Code d’authentification
› Cue-cards Rescue Diver                                › Manuel Instructeur numérique
› Cue-cards Divemaster                                  › Manuel Guide to Teach numérique
› Tablette séance O/Water, confined             › KnowledgeWorkBook numérique
› Tablette séance O/Water, open                    › Manuels spécialités PADI numérique
› Livret d’examen O/Water numérique                               
› Livret d’examen Rescue Diver numérique     › Sticker Padi
› Livret d’examen Divemaster    numérique     › Sac à dos PADI

Tarifs : 899,00€


Manuel PADI Open Water Diver, computer in French or another Version, 79,00 €
Manuel PADI Advanced Open Water Diver, in French or another Version,  79,00 €                 with slate data carier,

Manuel PADI Rescue Diver 79,00 €
Encyclopédie Padi 89,00 €

*Kit Crew Pack EFRI (2024)

French or another Version, numeric,

› Guide bilans primaire et secondaire
› Guide secourisme aux enfants
› Guide avec défibrillateur
› DVD EFR adultes
› Manuel EFR adultes
› Livret examen EFR adultes
› Livret examen EFR enfants
› Livret examen EFR défibrillateur
› Bordereau de protocole 1ers secours

Price : 199,00€


Pocket mask,  29,00 €

Cost & Fees Padi IE

Cost IE : 990,00€ + 210,00€

Cost EFRI : 130,00€

Indicative price with French VAT, which can be subject to modification without advance notice,