Padi Dive Master & DSD Leader

Padi Dive Master

The divers who join the training Padi Dive Master makes parties of the elite of the divers leisure activities, and almost all decided to make of their passion a job,

The course Padi Dive Master is the first level of supervision,
Your training will teach you to become a leader, by taking care of certain activities of dive, as the support of the divers in exploration, to be an assistant of an Instructor during divers’ courses, etc..

Padi Dive Master will allow you to enter the big family of the members Padi and will give you access to all the resources of the Web site Pro, of which the job center which generates more than 150 new working offers a month in the world,

During this training we shall practise a revision of your techniques of First Aid, or simply you will realize your Emergency First Response course, which is open to the family and to your friends event not divers,
The training Emergency First Reponse can be separately realized, or be integrated into the course, Padi Dive Master,

The minimum age to begin the course Padi Dive Master is 18 years old, you will have to be at least Rescue Diver or equivalent level (CMAS***), supply a medical certificate of not contraindication in the practice of scuba diving, and justify a qualification in First Aid less than 24 months, Dive experience in deep dive and orientation, 40 dives or highter,

Padi DSD Leader

You can complete your training by validating your Padi DSD, this course includes the realization of 4 Try dives in protected environment, under the direct supervision of an Padi Instructor  in teaching status, and will authorize you to make Try dive in swimming pool or at the beach ( natural protected environment) in the maxi depth of 6 m,

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Couse Cost ProVip (2023)

*Course DM (6days) 790€
(Prérequis Rescue, CMAS 3*, ou équiv.)

*Certification DM 130€

*Course DSD Leader (1day) 190€
(Prérequis DM.)

*Certification DSD Leader 80€

*Option Dble room, bed 1 place, nearlier Dive Center 25€/night,

*Prices by candidat, books in your language (if it’s available), include tanks and weights,
Without the rent of equipment, the Dive Center don’t rent Dry Suit,

Indicative price with French VAT, which can be subject to modification without advance notice,

Price Pédagogic Matériel Padi Pro (2024)

*Kit Crew Pack DM  e-learning Version with 12 languages,
› Manuel PADI Divemaster (e-learning)
› Manuel de l’instructeur PADI (e-learning)
› Cue-cards du Divemaster
› Code d’authentification
› Encyclopédie de la plongée (e-learning)
› Logbook professionnels
› Livret Scuba Tune Up (remise à niveau)
› Cue-card DSD (Discover Scuba Diving)
› Brochure GO PRO
› Sticker PADI
› Divemaster finale Application

Tarif : 399,00€


Table de Plongée Loisir with notice in French or another language, 25,00 €

Indicative price with French VAT, which can be subject to modification without advance notice,