Padi Scuba Diver and Padi Open Water Diver

The course Padi Open Water Diver is this day the most complete course to begin in scuba diving and benefiting from a world recognition,

This one consists of a first part, the course Padi Scuba Diver, intermediate stage of learning, which will allow you to develop your capacity, your contact with the water, by practising a first cycle of skills of ease, and safety, as well as 3 chapters of theoretical knowledge,

This module validated in 4 half-days, will authorize you to dive under the direct supervision of a Professional in a depth of 12m maximum,

To obtain the qualification Padi Open Water Diver allowing you to dive in complete safety in a depth of 18m maximum, you will have to realize a training leading to a qualification of 4 half-days additional, after your training Padi Scuba Diver, as well as 2 additionals chapters of theoretical knowledge and the associated evaluation,

These trainings Padi Scuba Diver and Padi Open Water Diver can be separately realized, or to be chained one after the other, it according to your availability, the minimum age to begin these trainings is of 10 years (Junior), you will have to supply a medical certificate of not contraindication in the practice of the dive with diving equipment,

On request for the candidates having aquatic capacities, the half-days or the practical sessions can beings gathered to shorten the time of necessary learning,
As regards the theoretical knowledge these can
To be realized in e-learning before your stay, so we shall just have to control in the form of a quiz, and to dive !!!

Begin from today,
Register you on the on-line course Padi Open Water Diver with us,
We shall be in contact personalized during all your training,
We shall guide you step by step to make of your stay,

An EXTRAOo oORDINAIRE moment !!!

Price lists  2024 :

*Try Dive, DSD (1/2jrs) livret DSD included, 60€

*Scuba Diver (4 x 1/2 jrs), Taken out boat included, 390€

*Open Water Diver (8 x1/2jrs), Taken out boat included, 690€

*Price lists with French VAT, by candidate, manual  in your language (according to availability) include, understanding the rent of the equipment, without certification (80€),
The center don’t rent Dry suit, Indicative price which can be subject to modification without advance notice,