Padi Rescue Diver & Emergency First Reponse, Master Scuba Diver

The divers having done the training course Padi Rescue Diver describes being this one as this day the course which proposes the biggest “Challenge” in scuba diving,

The course Padi Rescue Diver, consists of 4 parts,
Exercises of auto-rescue, Exercises of rescue, Dive scenarios, 5 chapters of theoretical knowledge, and final evaluation,

The qualification Padi Rescue Diver will allow you to dive in complete safety while assisting the other divers in the management of the minor and major concerns which are inherent to the practice of the dive, you will also help them to manage their stress,

During this training we shall practise a revision of your techniques of first aid, or simply you will realize your coure Emergency First Reponse, open course at the family and friends no diver,

The training(formation) Emergency First Reponse can be separately realized, or be integrated(joined) into the course(price) Padi Rescue Diver,

The minimum age to begin the course Padi Rescue Diver is of 12 years (a junior), you will have to supply a medical certificate of not contraindication in the practice of the dive with diving suit and justify a qualification in first aid of less than 24 months, or simply take the course Emergency First Reponse
The certification Padi Master Scuba Diver, higher level of qualification in diver leisure, is accessible to all the divers from Padi Rescue Diver’s level or equivalent (Niv 3), to obtain this one nothing more easy, you must be certified in 5 Specialities Padi,
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An  EXTRAOo oORDINAIRE moment !!!

Cost 2024 :

*Rescue Diver Departure beach (6 x 1/2jrs), including Manuel and certification : 590€
(Prérequis AOWD, ou équiv.)

* Rent complete equipment, by ½ jrs, 10€

* EFR First Aid Course 1/2jr, including Manuel and certification: 149€

* Spéciality Padi departure beach (2 x 1/2jrs), 199€
Dry, Fishes Identification, Nitrox
Digital Underwater Photographer, Gaz Blender(without dive),

* Spéciality Padi departure beach (3 x 1/2jrs), Night, Navigation, 219€

* Spéciality Padi departure beach (4 x 1/2jrs), Search & Recupération, 269€

* Spéciality Padi departure boat(2 x 1/2jrs), Multilevels, Drift, 219€

*Spéciality Padi departure boat (4 x 1/2jrs, Deep, Wreck, , 380€

*Spéciality Padi Tec , (détails et price on Tec Deep document),

*Master Scuba Diver (5 spécialities Padi), certification cost  , 70€

* Rent complete equipment, by ½ jrs, 10€

* Price lists with French VAT, by candidate,  manual  in your language (according to availability) included, tank and weight included, not including certification (70€) and the rent of the equipment, the center don’t get dry suit,
Indicative price which can be subject to modification without advance notice,